Samsung S3310 - Samsung S3310 Review and Images

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Samsung S3310 is not a new phone but the demand of the handset is still high in mobile market. Samsung S3310 mobile has proved its essence among users. The design, the quality, the looks and the features of the Samsung S3310 attracts every mobile user.

Samsung S3310 is a slim and slide phone. Colorful screen of the handset is really amazing. The phone has glossy design. The casing looks of the phone is really very attractive.

Recently, I used the handset which was bought by my friend. Samsung S3310 is very light phone in weight also. The colour of the phone was red. A light red colour with its setting was spread on whole screen.

I just used some features of the phone which was:

Call Log:

Inside the call log, I found the setting of recent call, missed call, dialed call and received call.

Phone Book:

The feature in Samsung S3310 was covered with – search, groups, family, friends and work.

Music Players:

This option was incorporated with – playlist, recent music, artist, album, composer and podcast.


Samsung S3310 mobile phone offers some features in browser – Home, URL, Bookmark, save pages, History and Settings.


Massage option in the handset was filled with – create, inbox, E-mail inbox, drafts, outbox, sent box, my folder, memory status, setting, SOS massage, templates and delete folder.

My Files:

My files contain – images, videos, sounds, other files and memory status.


Feature of Samsung S3310 handset offers – calendar, memo, task, word clock, calculation and converter.


Feature of the mobile’s camera offers quality, night mode, review, shutter, sound, zoom and brightness.

FM Radio:

Radio on, speaker on, self tuning, add to favorites and open favorite setting is included with FM radio.


Games, voice record, Bluetooth, time and stop watch are the settings of application in Samsung S3310.


Wake-up-alarm is the alarming feature of Samsung S3310 mobile.


Phone profiles, time and date, phone setting, call setting, security, application setting, network setting, memory setting, display and light setting and master reset are the feature of settings in Samsung S3310 handset.

These are the great application of Samsung S3310 phone. On the screen with a red light that looks really fabulous you will see a Menu, phone book, time, sound card, clock, date, select and back option.

You can view some images of the phone also:

Samsung S3310

Screen of Samsung S3310

Keyboard of Samsung S3310

Front of Samsung S3310

Camera of Samsung S3310

Back of Samsung S3310

Blackberry Bold 9700 - Blackberry Bold 9700 Review and Price

Monday, October 26, 2009

Blackberry Bold 9700 Mobile
Recently, RIM launched BlackBerry Bold 9700. This is first 3G enabled handset of BlackBerry. BlackBerry Bold 9700 is latest smartphone of BlackBerry which is known as Bold 2 and Onyx also. AT&T and T-Mobile customers can buy it in $199.99 with a two-year contract and after a $100 mail-in rebate. Customers of Canada will be able to buy it in $299.99 from Rogers with a three-year contract. This will be on a service plan that starts from $45 per month.

Vodafone UK customers can buy it on a monthly plan of £35. The customers will get 600 minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited BlackBerry Internet Service, unlimited Vodafone Mobile Internet and broadband with this plan.

The BlackBerry “Onyx” is designed with high-gloss black finish. The leather grain detail is on the back of BlackBerry Bold 2. The phone is equipped with high-speed 3G Web browsing, Wi-Fi calling, visual voicemail and personal e-mail options. It has TeleNav GPS Navigator also which will tell you turn-by-turn directions.

Blackberry Bold 9700 Basic Key Features:

4.48 inches high

2.6 inches wide

624MHz processor

Flash memory up to 256MB

32GB additional storage space


Quad-band GSM




3.2 megapixel camera

30fps Video Recording

POP3, SMTP, IMAP4, BlackBerry and MS Exchange

Hands Free

3.5mm Audio Jack


Remote Lock

Optical Track Pad

Word, Excel & PowerPoint

PDF Document Viewer

Keyboard of Blackberry Bold 9700 is just awesome. Its keyboard is very similar to BlackBerry 9630. Only bottom row of keyboard of Blackberry Bold 9700 differs from BlackBerry 9630.

The Onyx has a trackball also that navigation is really very good. BlackBerry Bold 9700 comes with 3.2 megapixel camera with flash and autofocus. It is very similar in look with Curve 8900.

First hand review of Blackberry Bold 9700 is really awesome. The phone is equipped with maximum technology. Blackberry Bold 9700 is next business phone of BlackBerry by RIM.

Yahoo Introduces Some New Applications for Apple iPhone and BlackBerry Mobiles

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Flickr Application
Recently, world’s second largest search engine, Yahoo introduced some new applications for Apple iPhone, iPod touch and BlackBerry mobile phones. In these applications,
Flickr application for iPhone and iPod touch is the most famous. Flickr is a photo sharing site which runs under the tag of Yahoo. Flickr application for Apple iPhone and iPod touch is available free on iTune Apple App store. A user can upload photos and videos with this application. Flickr application on iPhone and iPod touch will give the option to share uploaded images and videos. A user can search an image or videos by this application on iPhone and iPod touch. However, Flickr was already a browser based mobile application at So, the application is the most famous for mobiles. Yes, but here Yahoo has introduced its own Flickr application for iPhone and iPod touch which is available on Apple App store without any cost.

Another application by Yahoo is Finance for Mobile. This application is available for iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry Bold, Tour and 8900 series. This application is also free on Apple App store. This application gives you the option to track companies, market, indices and news. This application is new for mobiles but Yahoo already has created this as browser-based.

Yahoo Fantasy Football application is also available for iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry Bold, Tour and 8900 series. You can manage your football fans; add players, drop players, view players stats and news related to football.

So, all these applications are available for iPhone, iPod touch and some BlackBerry mobile phones now. Yahoo is planning to popularize PC based services to mobile phones just like Google. Yahoo is planning to introduce more than 400 mobile applications in near future. The company will introduce maximum applications for iPhone, iPod and Blackberry mobile phones.

Yes, there is a cause behind this; most of the users are integrated with iPhone, iPod and BlackBerry mobile phones. So, Yahoo will also try to give maximum applications for these devices.

On2 Technologies is to be acquired by Google in $106.5 million

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Today, there is big news of acquiring On2 technologies by Google. Every news papers are on the way of this news. “Google to acquire On2 technologies”, “Google Acquires On2 technologies”, “Google buys On2 technologies” or “Google to buy On2 technologies” all news are saying same news that On2 technologies is to be acquired by Google in $106.5 million.

Yes, it is a big deal by Google after Microsoft and Yahoo search deal. Google is also making strong itself to beat its competitors. It is one of the biggest deals which carry $106.5 million currency. About the deal Google writes in press releases,
“Under the terms of the agreement, each outstanding share of On2 common stock will be converted into $0.60 worth of Google class A common stock in a stock-for-stock transaction. The transaction is valued at approximately $106.5 million.”
The deal is basically leading the stock changes. You can see the graph which leads the converted stock exchange deals.

Stock Graph of Google and On2 Technologies

From the dip analysis of graph fact is clear. On the above press releases Matt Frost, interim CEO of On2 says,
“We're thrilled that On2 is joining one of the world's most innovative companies. After intensive review of On2 products, Google confirmed our long-held beliefs as to the quality of our video technologies. This transaction is a testament to the hard work of every On2 employee and the strongest possible endorsement of our products and people. On2 will continue to improve, support and sell our products throughout the transition. We believe that Google shares our ambitions and know that our products and expertise, combined with Google's globally recognized brand, ingenuity and resources, will create an incredible team.”
So, Matt Frost has clearly says that with Google, employees of On2 will be able to make their product stronger. His expectations are also high in the share market also with Google because Google is globally recognized company.

There is no need to explanation about Google because everyone knows about the company. It is a global search engine company which is based in the USA. But we should surely know about On2 technologies. On2 technologies create advanced video compression technologies that power the video in desktop and mobile applications and devices.

Our analysis says that Google is planning to take control on open-sourcing On2's newest video compression technology. We know also that if Google takes the control then it would be Web video tech. On2 technologies makes Flash for Adobe and Silverlight for Microsoft but what would be now, when Google is to acquire On2?

Google has long term plan with On2 technologies. Google will get in the royalties - Free tools, Android and Chrome OS platforms new software and web from On2. We think, Google will control Web video technology also and will heart many companies which are depended on On2 technologies.

Our analysis shows that On2 technologies acquisitions by Google will make a history in application development and web video technologies.

Sony Walkman – Sony Walkman Memory Turns 30

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sony Walkman
To enjoy music Sony introduced a portable cassette player Walkman this week. It is being said that it is the best thing in consumer electronics industry to change people way and enjoy music.

The Walkman comes with belt-clip, purse or pocket music. People would be able to play cassette player on the go according to their choices. It has opened a wider area of music to play with cassette player.

The 1st Walkman, TPS-L2 had been introduced at cost ¥33,000 in Japan and US$200 in the U.S., with high price tag. About the Walkman in 1980 The Wall Street Journal said,
“One of the hottest new status symbols around”.

The Walkman had many features like - dual headphone sockets, independent volume control, and hotline button on the top to fade the tape. With microphone the listener were able to talk to someone without stopping music or taking off headphones.

First Walkman by Sony was able to accept digital files. The NW-MS7 had been introduced in Japan in December 2000. Sony tied with MemoryStick flash media to copy protection.
Still, users’ requirement was ripping CDs into the MP3 format. In this time Sony offers users MP3 files to ATRAC before loaded on the Walkman.

Latest model of Sony, the NW-X1000 has a bright touchscreen display with mobile TV, internet surfing and watching YouTube videos.

Nobutoshi Kihara who is the engineer of Sony said,
“I would close my eyes and imagine our products. I would imagine joggers with Walkman to see how the hinges should move or how the products fit into the lives of the users. I mistook the metal/normal switch on the Walkman for a genre-specific equalizer, but later I discovered that it was in fact used to switch between two different types of cassette.”

As per the review this would be 30 years old Walkman by Sony but the company has great expectation with this new product. It seems it will be a new thing again in modern age in the era of music.

Windows 7 of Microsoft Available in October 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Windows 7
On Tuesday, Microsoft (US software giant) announced that that Windows 7 would be available in October, 2009. Windows 7 is operating system of new-generation personal computers.

In last month Microsoft had said that Windows 7 would be available to customers in the holiday shopping season. The release date October is ahead of expectations. Across the world windows operating system is used about 90 percent in the world's computers

Already Windows 7 RC’s copies were also made available to developers to review the problems. Early reviews of Windows 7 have been praised. There were many complaints with its previous version of Windows. That was not sufficient for all types of computer works.

It is the final version of Windows 7 which has been known as Windows 7 Release Candidate. Last month, Microsoft had invited a feedback from the public in a test of the operating system's capabilities.

According to the Microsoft, “Windows 7 features will make using a PC faster and easier.”

As per the Microsoft, Windows 7 has:

Easier TV, movies, and video

Improved taskbar and full-screen previews

Jump Lists

Desktop enhancements

Windows Search

Internet Explorer 8

Better device management


View Available Network (VAN)

Along with these features there are many new features have been introduced by Microsoft for Windows 7. We are just waiting for October when we will catch the package.

Nokia E70 – Gadget of Nokia E-Series

Monday, May 4, 2009

Nokia E70
After the great achievement of Nokia N-series in the mobile market, Nokia tried to launch E-series for the business purposes. E-series was with great features and best phones like a palm top and laptop. In its previous version of N-series, it had launched phones for the uses of higher motive and for higher class society. Nokia N96 was the most competitive phone for iPhone but now E70 is the most demanding mobile like iPhone.

Nokia E70 is a stylish phone with great features which offers Class 10 GPRS, HSCSD, EDGE 10 class, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Infrared and USP port.

It is 2G and 3G supporting networks phone. Nokia E70 is not a new phone because it was announced to launch in October, 2005. It is not a touch-screen phone but it offers TFT display, QWERTY keyboard and Five-way scroll key.

The phone offers 64 MB storage capacities with 64 MB RAM. It has 64 MB included memory card. It has 2MP camera with video calling and video recording. It supports Symbian OS 9.1 operating systems of S60 3rd edition.

It is like a laptop which offers Dual ARM 9 with 220 MHz processor. In the massaging features, it offers SMS, MMS, Email and instant messaging. Its browser is user friendly - WAP 2.0/xHTML and HTML.

Games in the Nokia E70 are downloadable with Java. Now, it is in two colours – Silver and Black.

Nokia E70 gadget has some latest technologies also - Push to talk, MP3/AAC/MPEG4 player, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Blackberry connectivity, T9, Voice command and printing. Printing and voice memo are the best features of the gadget which make it potential.

In the conclusion of Nokia E70, we can say it looks like a modern smartphone with full messaging keyboard. It has large screen to view attachment and viewer. We can say, it is the phone of business solutions.

Laptop Market is in the competition

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dell Adamo
Recently, Microsoft launched its new laptop – “Laptop Hunter” against Apple. The laptop has lowest range about $1500 but offer greater pack. "Laptop Hunter" offers online and TV ads also like MacBook Air.

Microsoft feels that higher price consumer can’t offer so; it will be in three prices - $1000, $1500 and $2000. They know that it is not time like MacBook Air to set price $2700. Now, it is very competitive market in Note Book market also.

Another updates show with Dell laptop. Some reviews go against the laptop that it has no graphics muscle however its price is very high about $2,000+. But we can’t say that only Mac has authority to set price more than $2,500.

It is the triangular war among “Laptop Hunter”, “MacBook Air” and “Dell Adamo”. In this series we have not included of Sony VAIO. However, VAIO is most selling Note Book after MacBook. It has greater review and demand in the world and graphics are most reliable.

We are looking here competition of laptops industry which is burning issues with Dell Vs. Mac and Microsoft Vs. Mac. There is only one competitive laptop – Apple’s Mac which has given ultra competition.

We can say MacBook and Sony VAIO is out of competition because they have own customer and needn’t to worry about the prices. They have quality and own products with own features.

With Dell Adamo now Dell is sure that it is the new product which will lead the future market in laptop industry. In another hand Microsoft is trying to beat everywhere with it “Laptop Hunter”.

Reviews are assuming that after Dell Adamo price of Mac will go down. We think that these two laptops will lead to lower prices of all laptops now.

Curve 8900 Mobile Phone by BlackBerry

Saturday, March 7, 2009

BlackBerry Curve 8900
Curve 8900 is known as T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8900. It is recently, launch mobile after BlackBerry pearl in November, 2008. It has led the BlackBerry mobile phone manufacturing company very well along with Pearl series.

It is great key features like other BlackBerry mobiles. Its main key features are - 109 x 60 x 13.5 mm dimension, 2.4 inches screen, Full QWERTY keyboard, MP3 ringtones, Downloadable Polyphonic, Class 10 GPRS, HSCSD, Class 10 EDGE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, microUSB, BlackBerry OS, SMS, MMS, Email, Instant Messaging, HTML browser, Media player, BlackBerry maps, Voice dial and 2G network.

Most of the people think that it has not 3G network and Radio. It has video recording but not clearer than others. It has camera also but not with auto focus and it is very slow. It takes about 10 second to capture a picture.

T-mobile has bound its features with 2G. But we can’t directly blame them because they know very well customer’s need and market requirement. BlackBerry Storm, Bold and Pearl has captured the high class market so, after a great decision the Curve 8900 has been launched with the T-mobile.

The mobile phone has own operating system like Nokia and iPhone. It has great look also like other BlackBerry mobiles. We can’t say that it is superb but it will satisfy the need of targeted customers. in its online review writes, “The BlackBerry Curve 8900 also ships with a number of personal information management tools, such as a Calendar, a task list, a memo pad, a voice recorder, a calculator, a password keeper, and more. There's quite a catalog of applications available for BlackBerrys, whether you're looking for new games or software for your job.”

So, after the review it is clear that BlackBerry Curve 8900 is not lower than its previous phones. It is also an inspirable gadget with latest technology to fulfill the need of business communication.

Most Playing game on Gaming Consoles – Virtua Cop2 Review

Monday, February 9, 2009

From the 1995 to 2002 always changing and developing game is Virtua Cop 2. In the year of 2002 it was developed for PlayStation 2 gaming consoles. The game has been also developed for arcade and computer. I want to share a review of Virtua Cop2 on tech and gadget blog by a gaming review blog. Below is review of 1st part of Vcop2 game:

"Virtua Cop 2 was developed by Sega-AM2 and published by Sega. The arcade game is most popular in the world. It was released in 1995 in AM2 studio. In 1996 it was ported to home system Sega Saturn. For the PC it was released in 1997 and Sega Dreamcast came in light in 2000. Lastly, after a great success of the arcade game has been released for PlayStation 2 gaming consoles in 2002.


The game genre is known as Rail Shooter. It has single players but you can choose multiple players also. There is light gun and machine gun to use for your safety. You have to shoot very sincerely your enemies which are lot of by targeting your gun point in the shooting circle else you will be killed by them.

To play the arcade game Virtua Cop 2 you should have to command on mouse if you want to play with that or you can play it through your keyboard also.

There are three plots in the Virtua cop 2 games. 1st is for beginner, 2nd is for medium and third is for expert. If you going to start a game on Vertua cop 2, you have to choose a game which you want to play otherwise it will be started beginner game by default after 10 second.


The game is also known as Vcop 2. In the game you will get 5 credits which contain 5 points. In the game very sincerely you have to target your enemy to shoot them. You need to concentrate your position to bit your enemy.

Credit points can by lost if you shoot any civilian. So, very positively you have to concentrate only on the robber’s not on civilian or on stuff. Civilian will aware you with the word of “don’t shoot”, so marry happy”, “help me” or “don’t shoot please”. So, you have to think over civilian in the game.

In the 1st plot of the game which is for beginner you have to fight with those criminals who are on road, in bike and in truck. In the last of the 1st plot you have to fight with “boss”. Boss will not be killed by bullet. So, you have to kill that to escape with his attack. You have to destroy his all the killing instruments.


After the completing of 1st plot the arcade game you can proceed for middle with that point which is in your credit still. If you loose all the credit points in mid of second plot then the game will over that time.

Score of the game will decide with all the aspect. If you have killed civilian then your score will be down also.

In the 1st plot you will get 3 scenes. In the 1st scene you have to fight with some criminals who are in jewelry shop. In the second scene you have to fight with those criminals who are on the bike and trucks. In the second scene you have to escape with those criminal who have bomb also. In the 3rd scene you will get machine gun also for a time period. In the last you will be face to face with boss who will say to you “where are you looking boss is here”.

The entire scene is very interesting and you will get instruction also in the game. If you forget to reload your then you will get the sound to “reload”. Sound is also very melodious of the game.

Lastly, I can say the arcade game for computer playing is very interesting and much liking. It will cover your whole screen of computer during the playing."

Source Via :Virtua Cop 2 Arcade Game Review for Computer Playing

Don't Listen Ringtones and Use Mobile Phones while Driving

Saturday, January 17, 2009

At first time before 6 months ago in 2008 Delhi government had banned mobile phones uses while driving. According to that rule you had to fill up 100 Rs. as compensation. But after some time Delhi government announced that even if you send a SMS also while driving then you would have to pay 1000 Rs. as compensation. It was enough how it was effective no one knows because no cases came in light these types of. But the mobile phones uses and ringtones listing while driving was really a big issue.

Most of the people were busy in downloading free ringtones to surf web on their mobile phones while driving. It was very serious matter. Most of the people were busy in talking on their mobile phones to use hands free; it was also very serious matter.

In this critical situation National Safety Council of America in the recent news has announced to ban the cell phones while driving. Even you can not listen free ringtones also while driving.

In the New York and Washington all these things were already ban now in whole America these are in the active rules and regulation.

About this Janet Froetscher who is the president and chief executive of the Councl said, "Despite the growing evidence linking cellphone use to accidents, public awareness and the laws haven't caught up. There is no dispute that driving while talking on your cellphone, or texting while driving, is dangerous."

Now, I think all the things which are upcoming technology on the road we can't use them along with another fast technology.

A comparative look on BlackBerry Storm and Apple iPhone

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

BlackBerry Storm and Apple iPhone
It is not a long days when BlackBerry launched Storm touchscreen mobile phone. It is globally known that it is a smartphone in the competition of iPhone. It has touch-screen interface rather than physical keypad but it was not like iPhone finger-flicking and pinch-zooming. BlackBerry storm finally known as thicker, stylish and well established key features mobile phone but not iPhone.

BlackBerry Storm Key Features

Wireless e-mail



Camera (3.2 MP)

Video recording

BlackBerry Maps

Media player

GPS in-built

Corporate data access

Bluetooth 2.0 compatible

3.5mm stereo headset



8GB memory

These are the main features of BlackBerry Storm. We already have discussed about iPhone key-featuers in my previous post. Here now we have to look into some more capabilities, experience and future of BlackBerry storm in the competition of iPhone.

The Storm has 480 x 360 pixel display in the against of iPhone 480 x 320 pixel display. Similarly Blackberry storms offers 3.2 megapixel in the competition of iPhone 2.0 megapixels camera. People were very much interested in the camera of iPhone which was 2.0 megapixels but here Storm offers 3.2 megapixel but it is not a matter because it will decide after the thousands users comparison between iPhone and Blackberry storm.

Open and read Word and Excel files on the Storm also like iPhone but Blackberry storm has 15 days of standby time and 5.5 to 6 hours of talk time capacity. The blackberry storm is currently available on Verizon Wireless for $249.99 for 2 year contract.

These are the comparative look of Blackberry and iPhone. Along with there are many competition with the Blackberry and Apple which are in Applications download. After the success of 3 Million applications download for iPhone users Blackberry has also decided to open a Blackberry App store for the its users also.

Gadgets expert Claudine Beaumont who is the expert of said, “Storm is very real alternative to the iPhone.” In other reviews it is being said that Storm is the Industrial devices who fulfill the requirement of business man mainly.

In the recent scenario in the telecom industry there are two phones – Nokia N97 which will launch as a touchscreen mobile phone in April, 2009 by Nokia and Blackberry storm which is in market in the competition of Apple iPhone. In the series Storm has taken place and it is being said that Nokia N97 will take place as a future mobile device in the touchscreen market.

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