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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Xbox 360 Gaming Consoles
The recent news shows that playing game on gaming consoles technology has increased tremendously. Here I want to share my some thought with the gaming consoles technology. The gaming consoles technology which changed the life style and trends of playing game on PC or online was basically, PSP and Xboxes.

Recent news according to NPD Group shows that In US top ten best selling gaming consoles are:

Fable II, Xbox 360 the consoles has been sold over 790,000 units and it is number 1 now. Second position has Wii Fit, Wii which has been sold over 487,000 units. When we look 3rd position we get Fallout 3, Xbox 360 which has been sold over 375,000 units. On 4th position Mario Kart, Wii has taken position and it has been sold over 290,000 units. In 5th position Wii Play, Wii is still working and it has been sold over 282,000 units. Saints Row 2, Xbox 360 is in 6th position and it has been sold over 270,000 units. Like this in this list PlayStation 3 is in 7th position.

In this list we can see most of the gaming consoles is from Wii, Xboxes and PlayStation. We know Microsoft has launched Xbox 360 as sixth generation gaming consoles but after 2006 it is most selling products of Microsoft.

Wii also came in light in 2007 as an seventh generation gaming consoles technology with a successful product and it launched many products of wii.

Sony was also in the competition of the gaming consoles and it had announced the 5th generation gaming consoles.

When we see all the graph we are bound to think all the development of gaming consoles technology in our life. All these top gaming consoles not only US and UK but also all over the world has taken position.

According to figures from NPD Group sales of accessories of gaming consoles has crossed over 18% and reached over $120 million.


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