Sony Walkman – Sony Walkman Memory Turns 30

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sony Walkman
To enjoy music Sony introduced a portable cassette player Walkman this week. It is being said that it is the best thing in consumer electronics industry to change people way and enjoy music.

The Walkman comes with belt-clip, purse or pocket music. People would be able to play cassette player on the go according to their choices. It has opened a wider area of music to play with cassette player.

The 1st Walkman, TPS-L2 had been introduced at cost ¥33,000 in Japan and US$200 in the U.S., with high price tag. About the Walkman in 1980 The Wall Street Journal said,
“One of the hottest new status symbols around”.

The Walkman had many features like - dual headphone sockets, independent volume control, and hotline button on the top to fade the tape. With microphone the listener were able to talk to someone without stopping music or taking off headphones.

First Walkman by Sony was able to accept digital files. The NW-MS7 had been introduced in Japan in December 2000. Sony tied with MemoryStick flash media to copy protection.
Still, users’ requirement was ripping CDs into the MP3 format. In this time Sony offers users MP3 files to ATRAC before loaded on the Walkman.

Latest model of Sony, the NW-X1000 has a bright touchscreen display with mobile TV, internet surfing and watching YouTube videos.

Nobutoshi Kihara who is the engineer of Sony said,
“I would close my eyes and imagine our products. I would imagine joggers with Walkman to see how the hinges should move or how the products fit into the lives of the users. I mistook the metal/normal switch on the Walkman for a genre-specific equalizer, but later I discovered that it was in fact used to switch between two different types of cassette.”

As per the review this would be 30 years old Walkman by Sony but the company has great expectation with this new product. It seems it will be a new thing again in modern age in the era of music.

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