On2 Technologies is to be acquired by Google in $106.5 million

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Today, there is big news of acquiring On2 technologies by Google. Every news papers are on the way of this news. “Google to acquire On2 technologies”, “Google Acquires On2 technologies”, “Google buys On2 technologies” or “Google to buy On2 technologies” all news are saying same news that On2 technologies is to be acquired by Google in $106.5 million.

Yes, it is a big deal by Google after Microsoft and Yahoo search deal. Google is also making strong itself to beat its competitors. It is one of the biggest deals which carry $106.5 million currency. About the deal Google writes in press releases,
“Under the terms of the agreement, each outstanding share of On2 common stock will be converted into $0.60 worth of Google class A common stock in a stock-for-stock transaction. The transaction is valued at approximately $106.5 million.”
The deal is basically leading the stock changes. You can see the graph which leads the converted stock exchange deals.

Stock Graph of Google and On2 Technologies

From the dip analysis of graph fact is clear. On the above press releases Matt Frost, interim CEO of On2 says,
“We're thrilled that On2 is joining one of the world's most innovative companies. After intensive review of On2 products, Google confirmed our long-held beliefs as to the quality of our video technologies. This transaction is a testament to the hard work of every On2 employee and the strongest possible endorsement of our products and people. On2 will continue to improve, support and sell our products throughout the transition. We believe that Google shares our ambitions and know that our products and expertise, combined with Google's globally recognized brand, ingenuity and resources, will create an incredible team.”
So, Matt Frost has clearly says that with Google, employees of On2 will be able to make their product stronger. His expectations are also high in the share market also with Google because Google is globally recognized company.

There is no need to explanation about Google because everyone knows about the company. It is a global search engine company which is based in the USA. But we should surely know about On2 technologies. On2 technologies create advanced video compression technologies that power the video in desktop and mobile applications and devices.

Our analysis says that Google is planning to take control on open-sourcing On2's newest video compression technology. We know also that if Google takes the control then it would be Web video tech. On2 technologies makes Flash for Adobe and Silverlight for Microsoft but what would be now, when Google is to acquire On2?

Google has long term plan with On2 technologies. Google will get in the royalties - Free tools, Android and Chrome OS platforms new software and web from On2. We think, Google will control Web video technology also and will heart many companies which are depended on On2 technologies.

Our analysis shows that On2 technologies acquisitions by Google will make a history in application development and web video technologies.

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