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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Samsung S3310 is not a new phone but the demand of the handset is still high in mobile market. Samsung S3310 mobile has proved its essence among users. The design, the quality, the looks and the features of the Samsung S3310 attracts every mobile user.

Samsung S3310 is a slim and slide phone. Colorful screen of the handset is really amazing. The phone has glossy design. The casing looks of the phone is really very attractive.

Recently, I used the handset which was bought by my friend. Samsung S3310 is very light phone in weight also. The colour of the phone was red. A light red colour with its setting was spread on whole screen.

I just used some features of the phone which was:

Call Log:

Inside the call log, I found the setting of recent call, missed call, dialed call and received call.

Phone Book:

The feature in Samsung S3310 was covered with – search, groups, family, friends and work.

Music Players:

This option was incorporated with – playlist, recent music, artist, album, composer and podcast.


Samsung S3310 mobile phone offers some features in browser – Home, URL, Bookmark, save pages, History and Settings.


Massage option in the handset was filled with – create, inbox, E-mail inbox, drafts, outbox, sent box, my folder, memory status, setting, SOS massage, templates and delete folder.

My Files:

My files contain – images, videos, sounds, other files and memory status.


Feature of Samsung S3310 handset offers – calendar, memo, task, word clock, calculation and converter.


Feature of the mobile’s camera offers quality, night mode, review, shutter, sound, zoom and brightness.

FM Radio:

Radio on, speaker on, self tuning, add to favorites and open favorite setting is included with FM radio.


Games, voice record, Bluetooth, time and stop watch are the settings of application in Samsung S3310.


Wake-up-alarm is the alarming feature of Samsung S3310 mobile.


Phone profiles, time and date, phone setting, call setting, security, application setting, network setting, memory setting, display and light setting and master reset are the feature of settings in Samsung S3310 handset.

These are the great application of Samsung S3310 phone. On the screen with a red light that looks really fabulous you will see a Menu, phone book, time, sound card, clock, date, select and back option.

You can view some images of the phone also:

Samsung S3310

Screen of Samsung S3310

Keyboard of Samsung S3310

Front of Samsung S3310

Camera of Samsung S3310

Back of Samsung S3310

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