World's Slimmest TV by Sony

Friday, August 29, 2008

World's Slimmest TV by Sony
Consumer electronic king Sony has announced to launch world's slimmest TV till November. It will be launched 1st in Japan and it price will be about $4,500. It will be model of ZX1 from this series. It will be lightest 40-inch liquid crystal display (LCD) television.

It said that new ZX1 series will be part of popular Bravia series which is 9.9 mm thick at its slimmest section. Weight will be 12.2 Kg. You can hang it in your bag like a laptop.

It is also will be equipped with fast wireless connection technology. Its need not signal cable to operate it.

Newest coolest gadgets

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Recently in India coolest gadgets with latest and new technologies has been launched. That name is iPhone. Iphone is not new gadgets but it is new for India. People say it is the gadgets of the decade.

In India its prices are 31000 and 36000 with Airtel and Vodafone subscriber. It was launched at 22nd August, 2008. In an hour in India four metropolitan cities its sales was about 200 handsets.

Along with in the competition of iPhone T-Mobile has announced to launch handsets on the base of Google’s Android design. It will be sold on only $150. “The smart phone will be manufactured by Taiwan-based High Tech Computer, and will have a large touch screen that slides out to reveal a five-row QWERTY keyboard.” It was published in HT.

What will see let see further. Nokia had tried to beat iPhone but it was failed. Now, what will be with T-Mobile will be decide further.

YouTube for Mobile Applications

Monday, August 18, 2008

If you have iPhone you are enjoying with YouTube. But if you have not then what? A news describe about it, “Also launching today is a beta version of a YouTube for mobile Java application for a select number of mobile devices, including the Sony Ericsson K800 and W880 and the Nokia E65, N95, N73, 6110 Navigator, and 6120 Classic. Through this downloadable application (currently available in U.S. and U.K. English), you can access the entire YouTube for Mobile catalog. The application includes a super slick interface (with a carousel view of video tiles), as well as full community and uploading features.” it is from

There is a video below by watching that you will be able to know about YouTube application for mobiles.

We know YouTube now most famous video sharing site. So that it is trying to advertsie with mobile phones also.

New Technology for Google Search Box

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Recently Google has announced that it will launch soon hardware appliances for its search box. It will be a new technology for Google search Box. The appliances will contain Google software to power the search services.

About it HT writes, “Google Inc said on Tuesday it is offering an upgraded version of the hardware appliance it sells to companies and government organizations for Google-style Web search of office documents.

The Web search leader said the latest version of the Google Search Appliance, a pizza-sized box that holds a self-contained search system for managing an organization's electronic files, can store up to 10 million documents in a single box.”

Further he writes more about it, “Once installed in a network, the appliances help staff find documents in various different corporate store houses, from EMC Corp's Documentum, IBM's FileNet, Open Text's LiveLink and Microsoft Corp's SharePoint.

New features in the latest model include greater encryption powers and the ability for Google Alerts to notify users when new documents are stored on the network by colleagues.

Network administrators will be able to manage Google Search Appliances in 27 languages, adding Turkish, Czech, Vietnamese and Portuguese. The boxes can, in turn, deliver search results to office workers in 40 different languages.” the source is from Hindustan Times.

I think the technology will increase the Google search capacity as before Google has already done. Now, it will be a updated appliances which will give a capacity of 10 million documents in a single box.

Laptops gadgets introductions

Sunday, August 3, 2008

For our daily life laptops are now important gadgets which involve in our life. Recently, MacBook and Sony VAIO laptops are famous in laptops industry. About MacBook it is thinest laptop and introduced by Apple. Like this Sony VAIO is full feature laptop which is also most famous.

I am talking their importance. They are portable and easy to carry with us wherever we want to go. These are the part of our life nowadays because without it we can't handle a big business.

I am playing video about MacBook and Sony VAIO from YouTube...

Apple Macbook Pro 2.4 17" Laptop Review Intro...

Sony VAIO CR Review...

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