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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Recently in India coolest gadgets with latest and new technologies has been launched. That name is iPhone. Iphone is not new gadgets but it is new for India. People say it is the gadgets of the decade.

In India its prices are 31000 and 36000 with Airtel and Vodafone subscriber. It was launched at 22nd August, 2008. In an hour in India four metropolitan cities its sales was about 200 handsets.

Along with in the competition of iPhone T-Mobile has announced to launch handsets on the base of Google’s Android design. It will be sold on only $150. “The smart phone will be manufactured by Taiwan-based High Tech Computer, and will have a large touch screen that slides out to reveal a five-row QWERTY keyboard.” It was published in HT.

What will see let see further. Nokia had tried to beat iPhone but it was failed. Now, what will be with T-Mobile will be decide further.


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