Don't Listen Ringtones and Use Mobile Phones while Driving

Saturday, January 17, 2009

At first time before 6 months ago in 2008 Delhi government had banned mobile phones uses while driving. According to that rule you had to fill up 100 Rs. as compensation. But after some time Delhi government announced that even if you send a SMS also while driving then you would have to pay 1000 Rs. as compensation. It was enough how it was effective no one knows because no cases came in light these types of. But the mobile phones uses and ringtones listing while driving was really a big issue.

Most of the people were busy in downloading free ringtones to surf web on their mobile phones while driving. It was very serious matter. Most of the people were busy in talking on their mobile phones to use hands free; it was also very serious matter.

In this critical situation National Safety Council of America in the recent news has announced to ban the cell phones while driving. Even you can not listen free ringtones also while driving.

In the New York and Washington all these things were already ban now in whole America these are in the active rules and regulation.

About this Janet Froetscher who is the president and chief executive of the Councl said, "Despite the growing evidence linking cellphone use to accidents, public awareness and the laws haven't caught up. There is no dispute that driving while talking on your cellphone, or texting while driving, is dangerous."

Now, I think all the things which are upcoming technology on the road we can't use them along with another fast technology.


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