Yahoo Introduces Some New Applications for Apple iPhone and BlackBerry Mobiles

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Flickr Application
Recently, world’s second largest search engine, Yahoo introduced some new applications for Apple iPhone, iPod touch and BlackBerry mobile phones. In these applications,
Flickr application for iPhone and iPod touch is the most famous. Flickr is a photo sharing site which runs under the tag of Yahoo. Flickr application for Apple iPhone and iPod touch is available free on iTune Apple App store. A user can upload photos and videos with this application. Flickr application on iPhone and iPod touch will give the option to share uploaded images and videos. A user can search an image or videos by this application on iPhone and iPod touch. However, Flickr was already a browser based mobile application at So, the application is the most famous for mobiles. Yes, but here Yahoo has introduced its own Flickr application for iPhone and iPod touch which is available on Apple App store without any cost.

Another application by Yahoo is Finance for Mobile. This application is available for iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry Bold, Tour and 8900 series. This application is also free on Apple App store. This application gives you the option to track companies, market, indices and news. This application is new for mobiles but Yahoo already has created this as browser-based.

Yahoo Fantasy Football application is also available for iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry Bold, Tour and 8900 series. You can manage your football fans; add players, drop players, view players stats and news related to football.

So, all these applications are available for iPhone, iPod touch and some BlackBerry mobile phones now. Yahoo is planning to popularize PC based services to mobile phones just like Google. Yahoo is planning to introduce more than 400 mobile applications in near future. The company will introduce maximum applications for iPhone, iPod and Blackberry mobile phones.

Yes, there is a cause behind this; most of the users are integrated with iPhone, iPod and BlackBerry mobile phones. So, Yahoo will also try to give maximum applications for these devices.


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