Apple – MacBook Air and Steve Job

Friday, September 12, 2008

MacBook Air Laptop
Everyone knows about Apple CEO – Steve Job. We can say he is the person who produce Apple's products by different style. Apple has taken a great step with Steve Job. Apple and Steve job history there is a relations with some products to make that famous.

After iPhone and iPod success there was a laptop – MacBook and this was needed to make it popular. Again we can see Steve Job performance with MacBook Air notebook. It was the thinest notebook as Steve Job stated about it.

It was started with $1799 like iPhone and Steve Job was with this laptop. He announced that It weighs is about 3 pounds, thickness of 0.16-0.76 inches. It is 12.8 inches wide and 8.95 inches deep.

About its features - integrated VGA webcam, Intel GMA 950 graphics card, SuperDrive DVD rewriter, 1GB of RAM, 40GB of hard disk etc. these all made it also famous like Steve Job and Apple. It was notebook with Steve Job with MacBook Air laptop.


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