1st Google Mobile Phone – G1 on Android Technologies

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Google Mobile G1
Recently, Google launch a mobile phone that name is G1. It is manufactured by HTC mobile company and will be sold by T-Mobile network. You can say it Google Android mobile phone also because it is based on Android technologies.

Android is a software platform and operating system also for mobile gadgets. It is based on Linux and has been developed by Google that is why its name is Google mobile or Google Android mobile also. Android manage code in Java language (Java is computer based language to develop software).

In US it will be launched in October for Sale and in UK it will be available on the eve of Christmas. It means in November. Google mobile Android key features are great in the comparison of iPhone.

Basically the mobile technologies has been launched in the competition of Apple iPhone by Google. So, what will happen will decide till 2009 when the G1 will launch globally.


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