Olive FrvrOn VG3200 First Dual Powered Hybrid Phone Launched by Olive Mobile

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Olive FrvrOn
India’s first Hybrid Mobile Phone - Olive FrvrOn VG3200 announced to launch by Olive Telecommunication which is the latest contestant in Indian Mobile Phone Market. Olive FrvrOn is dual powered handset that works on AAA batteries.

Olive VG3200 hybrid-dual powered mobile is featured with a 1.5 inch color display, polyphonic Ring tones, stereo headset and integrated FM radio with speaker phone. Olive FrvrOn VG3200 mobile phone will be available on retail store at just Rs.1699.

Mr. Arun Khanna who is the Chairman of Olive Telecommunication said, “Olive FrvrOn has been designed keeping in mind the extensive usage of mobile phones countrywide. While the heavy duty urban user will now have the confidence of ‘Non Stop’ telephony; to the rural user, with undependable electricity supply the phone becomes a veritable life-line.”

The statement was published in Telecomtalk.info which is a telecom informative web portal. Further the website writes about Olive FrvrOn mobile phone, “The company strives to bring its technology into all parts of India may it be the bustling urban centers or the remotest of areas. The latest inclusion lets users stay in touch with their loved ones even after the Lithium Ion power runs out. This is extremely useful when the electricity charge dies out. In these cases, customers can easily just slip any AAA battery into the phone and continue talking.”

Olive FrvrOn VG3200 comes at affordable price in Indian mobile phone market. The phone has good looks and stylish design also. The phone has tried to introduce a very new technology to the Indian customers.

Recently, we took an experience with Airfone’s Buddy series mobile phones - AQ9 and AQ9+. Now, Olive FrvrOn mobile is ready to hit the Indian mobile phones market with lowest priced phones and newest technology.

I think the phone will surly attract the Indian customers with its dual powered hybrid features.


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