An Introduction about LG Chocolate BL40 Mobile Phone

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

LG Chocolate BL40
Recently, mobile phones market is up through many competitive and new mobiles. In this race, we can count - HTC Hero, Apple iPhone, Nokia’s Xpressmusic Range, Samsung’s Pixon and the Blackberry Storm. In this competitive era, LG also is one of the best mobile phone markers. Now, I will introduce LG Chocolate BL40 mobile phone that is the most popular of LG’s Black Label series.

LG BL40 is long about 5 inches. It has a looks like a bar of chocolate. The phone offers beautiful 4-inch screen. The phone screen is brighter than Apple iPhone. The touchscreen phone comes with 800x345 screen resolution. LG Chocolate BL40 has 3.5 mm audio jack, classy design and 1 GB internal memory.

LG Chocolate BL40 mobile phone can be extended with 32 GB space with its microSD slot. S-class interface of the phone makes it possible in the arrangement of widgets on the homescreen according to categories. Wi-Fi, Google Maps, Bluetooth, GPRS/EDGE are the most attractive key features of the mobile.

LG Chocolate BL40 comes with 5-megapixel camera features with fantastic pictures in night mode also. Video recording of the phone is also great. It offers social networking apps also such as MySpace, Twitter and Facebook.

Design, looks and style of LG BL40 makes it a fashion phone. The most attractive key features of the phone are - Dual Screen UI, One Touch Copy & Paste, TFT touchscreen, Video MMS, WAP 2.0 version, Wi-Fi, Java 2.0 version, Built-In Game, FM Radio, MP3, Bluetooth and Document Viewer.

Overall, the phone offers a great experience with its newer and advance technology. LG Chocolate BL40 has the greatest capability in terms of its looks, features, style and technology. The phone has raised the biggest competition in mobile phone market for other mobile phones. Social applications of the phone are really very impressive that gives the biggest satisfaction for any user.


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